Sharon Berendse, Shande Ho Hip, Yee Kiu Yeung

Sharon Berendse, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Shande Ho Hip, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Yee Kiu Yeung, Charles Sturt University, Australiagy

Day 2 : 24th November 2021, 10.30am

Topic : “Travel Technology: The NBW Airport Robotic Baggage Handling Project”

The Biography:

The Project Team

The Project Team was born out of an academic exercise to gather and present emerging technology in the tourism industry, specifically around one of the most neglected and underdeveloped areas in the travel experience: baggage management. The team collective expertise encompasses project management, technology, business,finance, social science, programming, people management, service and support.

Sharon Berendse

Sharon is a project manager, social scientist, creative and technical professional; and published author. Sharon has developed education programs, delivered and facilitated training, and managed and implemented a variety of systems across different industries. Sharon is passionate about organisation, productivity, efficiency and ethics.

Shande Ho Hip

Shande has been in the financial industry for the past 10 years. He has been driven by his passion to enhance the customer experience working in projects behind the scenes and directly with customers. Shande has his honours degree in Finance, Economics and management, and is currently completing his diploma in Information Technology. Shande is developing all of these skills to future proof himself and help develop projects in the future to better the customer experience with technology.

Yee Kiu Yeung

Yee Kiu is an ambitious young scholar. He is a recent graduate of a business degree and now studying an IT master. Yee Kiu is also a system developer and helps develop a database system for a company. He enhanced the system to fulfil company business objectives. By combining his business and IT knowledge, he would like to be an IT professional and is enthusiastic to create innovative business technology.