About ATTICE2021 What is ATTICE2021?


ATTICE or ASEAN Tourism Technology International Conference is an annual international conference organised virtually by the Digital Travel Technology Association of Malaysia (DiTTAM) in collaboration with various governmental and private organisations related to the travel and tourism industry in the ASEAN countries.


 23 – 25 November 2021


Officially from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Malaysia Time Zone (GMT+8) and virtually open at all times


TOURISM 4.0: “Inclusive Revitalisation for Mutual Prosperity and Sustainability”


DiTTAM Virtual Convention Center, Malaysia that can be accessed digitally from anywhere in the world

Why ATTICE2021?


The COVID-19 pandemic caused the travel and tourism industry to suffer greatly and many players in the tourism and travel industry in ASEAN were even forced to close their business. Workers were retrenched and the once booming tourism industry saw a bleak future.

The aggressive and extensive vaccination programs and recovery plans in the ASEAN countries brought a ray of light to the travel and tourism industry. As more countries are reopening their borders to international travel, the once hard-hit travel and tourism sector of the economy is finally on the road to recovery.

However, businesses could not go back to where they were before because the pandemic has brought in many new normal that have changed the tourism and travel business landscape in ASEAN.

How do we revitalise the ASEAN travel and tourism industry in the post pandemic era so that all of us can mutually benefit from the recovery? This is the main issue to be deliberated by the speakers, delegates at ATTICE2021.


There will be many virtual activities during VATTICE2021, such as the following:

Why Attend?


ATTICE2021 is a virtual meeting place for like-minded people in the travel and tourism industry interested to learn new concepts, policies, best practices and upskill their operational and technical skills to move forward in the post Covid-10 era. 

Who Should Attend?

Travel and tourism business owners, operators, staff and practitioners.
Technology developers and business owners
Government officials and policy makers
Arts and culture organisers and performers
Travelers and tourists
Media representatives and influencers


The Digital Travel Technology Association of Malaysia (DiTTAM) is an organization established in April 2021 to act as a catalyst for digital transformation towards a smart tourism. DiTTAM's main mission is to assist various stakeholders to bridge the digital divide and strengthen the tourism industry through digital technology innovation. www.dittam.org